Chord USB SilverPlus Cable

Chord USB SilverPlus Cable

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“A big improvement over standard USB cables, great performance over lengths of up to 5 m" Posodobljeno 28.12.2016.

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“A big improvement over standard USB cables, great performance over lengths of up to 5 metres.”

When it comes to new products The Chord Company works on a simple principle: “If you can’t make something better, don’t make it at all”.

This meant that when it came to considering USB cables, the first thing we did was to establish that USB cables did have an effect on the sound quality of the system they were used with.  What we found was that like most other cables used in music systems, USB cables influenced detail, dynamics and tone, meaning that they had an effect on the coherence of the music being played through them.

The Chord USB SilverPlus takes tried and tested Chord design principles and applies them to a USB cable.  Conductors are built from silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors, insulation is a low-density polyethylene and the shielding is effective to high frequencies.

The SilverPlus USB cable is a quick and simple way of improving the listening experience of any system using a standard USB cable. Most of our retailers are happy to let customers try cables out for themselves and the USB SilverPlus is worth listening to.

Listen to the USB SilverPlus with: We find ourselves playing Laura Veirs “John Henry Lives” from the album “The Triumphs & Travails of Orphan Mae”.

Hear: The steel guitar at the start of the song.

Listen for: The definition that the USB SilverPlus brings to the sub bass at the end of the first verse.


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The Cable
The USB SilverPlus cable is built using what Chord would regard as tried and tested design principles. We know from our work with other high speed cables that silver-plated conductors are a good choice. We also know that if we are going to use silver-plated conductors, the choice of insulation material is critical. There are only really a couple of insulation materials that we feel work well with silver-plated conductors, and for the USB SilverPlus we chose low density Polyethylene, a material we have used successfully with our HDMI cables.
Like any other Chord interconnect, great attention has been paid to the shielding and the USB SilverPlus shield is effective to high frequencies.
The Plugs
The USB SilverPlus is fitted with a moulded USB plug; the contacts and the surround are plated with 24 karat gold.
Use it with
We think that the USB SilverPlus produces a significantly more detailed and dynamic sound than the standard USB cables we tested it against. We are also happy that this performance is maintained over lengths of up to 5 metres. Whether you are simply hooking up a laptop to a USB DAC, or running a more complex system, trying a better USB cable is a worthwhile priority.
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