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Profigold SKY PROA 4802 Coax 2m

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Digitalen koaksialen kabel (RCA phono to RCA phono), 99.9996% Oxygen Free Copper, 2m
19,90 €

Profigold PROA4802 1m Digital Coax Audio Cable.

Profigold PROA4802 Skyline, high performance digital coax audio cable.

RCA phono to RCA phono plug.

99.9996% Oxygen Free Copper ensures reduced signal loss and crystal clear sound.

Multiple shielding gives maximum protection against Radio (RFI) and Electromagnetic (EMI) interference.

24k Hard Gold plated contacts for excellent corrosion protection.

Pearlised chrome plated metal connector with metal inner case for enhanced RFI/EMI noise rejection.

Colour coded connector headshells with silver soldering for easy installation and maximum signal transmission.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Connects from the SPDIF coaxial output on your dvd, blu ray dvd etc to your amplifier or surround sound system.

Length 2m.

Connecteur 1 2 x RCA Male Type Connector
Conductor Oxygen Free Copper
Diamètre Câble 6.6 m
Matériau Externe PVC Jacket
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Connector Material 24 K Gold Plated
Other Features 0.246 kg Weight, 0.025 mm Depth, 0.260 mm Height, 3.5 mm Connector, Connect your DVD Player or Similar Devices to your Home Cinema Receiver, Colour Coded Plugs, Sound Product Group, Silver Soldering, Pearlized Chrome Plated Metal Connector with Metal Inner Case for Maximum Reduction of RF and EMI Interference, Maximum Protector Against Radio Frequency Interference, Lowest Possible Signal Loss, Superior Grade 99.996 % Oxygen Free Copper Conductors, Certified for 192 kHz / 24 Bit Data Transfer Rate, Secure Installation, Unique Profigold Metal Connector, Multiple Cable Screening, Ultra Pure Digital Signal Transfers
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