Straight Wire Waveguide 3.0 16/4

Straight Wire Waveguide 3.0 16/4

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WaveGuide series speaker cables offer a significant upgrade for all CL custom speaker installations. No other upgrade offers such a significant performance increase for so little additional cost. Waveguide series conductors are twisted and contain high grade OFC vs. standard electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper. Mylar wrappings around the conductors maintain mechanical and electrical consistency for accuracy over long runs. The result is a significant increase in bass and high frequency clarity, with an overall reduction in background noise and resistance. Available in four different versions, Straight Wire's WaveGuide cables allow you to enjoy all the quality that your new components are capable of delivering.  

These cables allow more music to reach your speakers through the use of low dielectric constant insulation. Available in assorted colors to match your decor. Contact your installation specialist to choose the right Waveguide for your needs.


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